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Welcome to Streamline PCs
Providing home and small businesses with pc repair services and web support.

News & Notices:

* On Sale! $360.00 (%10 off $400.00) - ThinkPad Laptop, 8GB RAM - Intel i5 @ 2.6-3.3 GHz - 240GB SSD - 15.6" Screen - Click for more details.

CCleaner. No Longer recommending this software as of version 5.30. CCleaner/Piriform has been bought by the parent company of Avast Anti-Vi, and has been caught adding malicous code into their software and installation files. The risk to consumers is minimal as this seemed to target larger tech companies. But was still an attempt to take information, and shows signs of a larger problem. Any versions after 5.30 I would recommend uninstalling. Any versions prior to 5.30, be sure the automatic update feature is off. Call, text or email if you have any questions or concerns.

*** Notice for Windows 10 users. 1809(Oct. 2018) update has been re-released as of November 14th, and seems to be bug-free for most users. I have installed the update on 9 systems without issue, but there are still bugs present, see notes below.
Notes; Some issues occuring with mapped network drives, Trend Micro security software, and systems running AMD HD 2000 or AMD HD 4000 series graphic cards.
   Direct download link: windows10OctUpdate
   If you have had any issues with updates, or want to learn how to manage your updates without risk, please contact me.
$40.00 base rate on repairs. System cleaning and update optimization included.
$50.00-$80.00 for full system cleaning, virus or other software repairs, and any other major repairs required.
See the repairs page for more information.

For repair services or website design/hosting quotes,
Email: [email protected]
Txt/Phone: 1 (519) 217 0155


Laptop Special - ThinkPad
10% off ($400.00), tax included, $360.00 Total

Memory: 8 GB RAM
Processor: intel i5 @ 2.6-3.3 GHz
Storage: 240 GB SSD

System is cleaned and customized with any software you request when you order. Refurbished & tested, warranties included with all systems purchased through Streamline PCs. (Refurbished, Only 1 Left in stock)

ThinkPad 15.6" (Shown in image)
- OS options: Win7, Win10, Android or Ubuntu. Dual-boot and VM available.
- *Ram 8GB (2x4GB, 16 GB max) DDR3 - *240GB SSD - i5 M3220 CPU
- 100 Mbps Lan - WiFi ac - Expansion Slot - Camera Card Slot
- 2xUSB 3.0 - 2xUSB2.0 (1 Mobile Charge Port)
- Intel HD 4000 (mid-low gaming potential) - Mini Display Port - VGA
- AUDIO Realtek HD - Mic/Headphone Jack - **DVD-RW
- *Max 9 Hour, Li-ion20 4900mAh Battery - Charging Cable

* new components
** can be replaced with second SSD or HDD (4 TB/4000 GB max.)

Recommended software, free and licensed versions available for each.